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Looking back through my blog’s archives, there are a handful of series of posts I’ve made, where I’ve written about a particular topic at length over a number of posts.  Often enough, it seems, if there are more than three posts in a series, I’ll finish up with a recap post that gives links to…
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Prompt 8

How can I focus past cackling hens/distraction to not only achieve my goals, but to stay sane in what seems like an untamed world?

The hermit cast an evil eye upon the alluring myth of division/separation,yes/no,wrong/right, you/me. Nan nan Beruku(simultaneously celestial AND terrestrial grandmother of us all). Points to how the Marrasa are always at joyful play and sow the Hermit home.


Do not be distracted by apparent division/duality inwardly or in public life. We have seen it’s deadly disastrous effects. Nan nan Beruku/St. Ann, which i have seen represented by Temperence. She is before,during, and beyond time. But She is Not God the Creator. She, for lack of a better analogy, is both the dot and the circle…..the ever present moment. True Reality.

The Marrasa/Chiki Chiki/Ibeji/Twins are always with Her for they facilitate the ever changing moment. Which gives the illusion of them fighting, but they are actually laughing and playing. Unifying Reality with “reality”.

Daily striving to experience both the forest and the trees(not instead of) we find our home(peace); metaphorically, mystically, inward and outwardly.

In alignment with what Ms. Camelia would point out; by suspending or getting past apparent dualism or judgment(right/wrong, this/that). We can see what really IS.